Driving Lessons for Learner Drivers

Driving Lessons For The Beginner Driver

You now have your Learners Licence and are keen to learn to drive. I will start you off in a quiet, secluded area where you will be taught the basics of driving. Once I am confident in your ability with the basics, you will venture out onto the road. Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

Building the Beginner Drivers Confidence

Part of the preparation for beginner drivers is to build their confidence. It's one thing to teach all the basic skills, but it's equally important that the driver feels relaxed & confident behind the wheel.

Preparation For Learner Drivers:

  • Moving off & stopping.
  • Clutch & accelerator control (if learning in a manual).
  • Rear vision mirror usage & head checks.
  • Signalling.
  • Reversing.

Now onto the Restricted Licence

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