Driving Lessons In Your Own Car

Driving Instruction using your own vehicle

At Code 1st Driving School, you have the option of tuition in your own car, though some special conditions apply:

Vehicle must be insured for you to drive.
Have current Rego, WOF or RUC.
Hand brake must be accessible to the instructor.
Your vehicle can be a sedan/hatch/lift back/small wagon - vans, utes, people movers or large wagons can be used if you feel confident in it.
You will be responsible for all liability when your vehicle is used.
The hourly rate is generously reduced when your own vehicle is used, see pricing.

We have different package deals (at discounted rates) to fit your requirements - including seniors 65+ discounted rates, refer to pricing.
Also, Part Payment arrangements for the bundle packages can be made in 'specific circumstances'.

When you purchase the 10 lesson package in either your own car or tutor's car, you receive 1 'free' lesson. Please see pricing for the 10 lesson package.

Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

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