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With South Auckland Driving School

Here at Code 1st Driving School, we know the cost of living keeps rising, so, with this in mind, we offer you quality driving lessons at an affordable rate. We have available prepaid package driving lessons consisting of 5 or 10 lessons at a discounted rate, as well as individual lessons, which we have designed to fit into your budget. When you purchase the 10 lesson package, you will receive 1 free lesson. We also have further special discounted rates for Seniors (65+).

This is the Full price list. If you want a break down of pricing for each service Code 1st Driving School provides, click on the links under 'Pricing' to view the individual price for the different service.

Affordable Driving Lessons Price List & Options


Individual Lessons
  • Tutor's Car = $60.00p/hr
  • Own Car = $50.00p/hr

  • Prepaid Package Lessons 5 x Lessons
  • Tutor's Car = $280* 5 x 1 hr lessons
  • Own Car = $230* 5 x 1 hr lessons

  • Prepaid Package Lessons 10 x Lessons
  • Tutor's Car = $520* 10 x 1 hr lessons
    + 1 FREE Lesson
  • Own Car = $470* 10 x 1 hr lessons
    + 1 FREE Lesson

  • Assessments = $80.00
  • Practical Driving Test Car Usage = $90.00
  • Road Code Tuition = $50.00

Options For Seniors (65+)

Individual Lessons

* Requires prepaid package lessons to be paid at the commencement of first lesson (Part Payment arrangements can be made for the bundle packages in 'specific circumstances').

If you need to cancel, we require you to give at least 12 hours notice to avoid payment of the missed lesson.

When you purchase the 10 lesson package in either your own car or tutor's car, you receive 1 'free' lesson. Please see pricing for the 10 lesson package.

Payment Options:

  • Direct credit via Online Banking (preferred)
  • Cash or Cheque

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