Pricing for Discounted 6 lesson package

Tutor's Car: $360.00 for 6 x 1 hr Lessons *

Own Car: $300.00 for 6 x 1 hr Lessons *

*Saving of $30.00 (tutor's car)* | *Saving of $30.00* (own car)

* Please Note:
  • Prepaid package lessons need to be paid at either the commencement of the first lesson or when invoiced after the first lesson (Part Payment arrangements can be made for the bundle packages in 'specific circumstances').
  • If payment for the 6 lesson package has not been made within 3 working days after the invoice is sent, the discounted price for this package will no longer apply resulting in you being charged at the normal fee of a single lesson, ie: $65.00 per lesson in tutor's car, which is: $390.00 for 6 lessons instead of the discounted price of $360.00; $55.00 per lesson in own car, which is: $330.00 for 6 lessons instead of the discounted price of $300.00—unless prior arrangement is made with the driving instructor.
  • If you need to cancel, we require you to give 24 hours notice to avoid the late cancellation fee.
  • If the instructor shows up for your lesson and you're either not there or you've misplaced your licence or you have no WOF, RUC or Rego, you will incur a charge for the no show.

Payment Options:
  • Direct credit via Online Banking (preferred)
  • Mobile EFTPOS (preferred)
  • Cash or Cheque

* Note: Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

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