Driver Refresher Lessons

For those who need a little help

Are you a little rusty? Is your knowledge of the road code a little hazy? We all have aspects of our driving where we feel unsure or lack confidence, so if you need help with any aspect of your driving, a refresher lesson would be beneficial.

Building Confidence Through Refresher Lessons

Having a refresher lesson can boost your confidence. You don't have to carry on feeling unsure or fearful when you're out and about. Just having some friendly advice in an area you're unsure of, can help you drive relaxed and confident.

A Refresher Lesson can be beneficial when:

  • You lack confidence with your driving ability.
  • You need to resit your licence after it has expired and you've not driven for a while.
  • You want to brush up or get helpful advice with any area of your driving in your senior years
  • You've come back into New Zealand and need to brush up.
  • You feel unsure with a particular aspect of your driving, e.g. parallel parking, reversing etc.

* Note: Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

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