Driving Lessons To Prepare You For The Restricted Licence Test:

For the Learner Driver

You have your Learners Licence and have some driving experience already. Whether you have limited driving experience or are more advanced and just wanting a few lessons before going for your restricted test, you will need to be able to master confidently all aspects of the driving skills listed below and get your hours up (the recommended hours of driving is 120).

Recommended 120 Hours For Learner Drivers

If you don't get enough driving hours under your belt, it shows. Don't try and rush to get your restricted licence. You don't have to do the 120 hours with a driving instructor, but it's important to get enough hours driving with a full licence driver. Every time you need to go somewhere, don't get someone else to drive you - you drive (with a full licence driver with you of course). The more often you do this, the more confident you will become - and also, you will have the hours needed under your belt. It is helpful to log your hours. You can print off the log form here, Driving Log

In Preparation For The Restricted Licence Test, You Will Be Taught:

  • The scanning technique.
  • Hazard detection.
  • Rear vision mirror usage & head checks.
  • Signalling at the correct times.
  • Parking/Parallel Parking, 3-point turns & U turns.
  • Roundabout navigation.
  • Navigating controlled & uncontrolled intersections/Gap Selection.
  • Speed consistency.
  • Following distance.
  • Lane position & changing lanes/merging lanes.
  • Motorway & open roads.
  • Reversing.

* Note: Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

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