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Please read the information regarding the driving lessons.

Code 1st Driving School's Policy

  • Driving lessons are for 1 hour duration or you can choose from: ½ hour, 1½ hours or 2 hours.
  • We provide door to door pick up from home, school or work place within our coverage area, unless other arrangements are made with instructor.
  • Discounted lesson packages are prepaid or paid after the first lesson of the package within 3 days of receiving the invoice.
  • Single lessons are paid as you go - after each lesson.
  • We require any cancellation of lessons to be made 24 hrs before the lesson. A late cancellation fee of $30.00 will apply if less notice is given.
  • If using your own car for the lessons, it must have current Rego, WOF or RUC and be fully insured for you to drive.
  • You can book your driving lessons via our online booking page or via email, phone/txt to the instructor. Please go to the contact page or the online booking page.
  • When booking a lesson online, use the name and details of the person who is taking the lesson. Please do not put your name down if you are booking a lesson for someone else: ie. A parent booking lesson for son/daughter. You can put in the notes your contact phone number as a back up contact.
  • Driving lesson may be forfeited if you appear under the influence of drugs/alcohol or are abusive. In such a case, the fee of the lesson will apply.
  • If the driving instructor shows up for your driving lesson and you are not there or you don't have your licence with you, or if you are using your car and it does not have a current Rego, WOF or RUC, the drive will be forfeited and the fee of the lesson will apply.
  • All the lessons of the discounted packages must be completed within 4 months unless prior arrangement is made with the instructor.

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