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It's often hard for learner drivers to choose a Driving Instructor - it can be a daunting task, so we have placed here a few testimonies from students Tony taught to drive and who passed their restricted licence. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the kind of Driving Instructor he is, and will help you make your decision.

Students Testimonies

Tony is a great driving teacher, constantly calm and encouraging. He taught the basic skills in an easy to understand way, keeping safety as the top priority. He gave clear instructions while driving and never got angry, a very important thing for me as a learner. I am now a confident driver and I can rely on the skills that I was taught. – Josie

First of all, I want to thank Tony for helping me to get my restricted, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have passed the test. He is a kind person who took me step by step and didn't pressurise me when I made a mistake. If I made a mistake, he would ask me to pull over and explain what the mistake was and go through with me how I can improve on it. Tony showed me all the right ways on how to drive safely, and made me feel comfortable in areas where I would feel uncomfortable. He raised my confidence in driving and taught me what, and what not to do. I am thankful for what he has taught me, and I will use what I have learnt in the future. – Wesley

Tony was always calm and serious without being intimidating. He challenged me at a good pace and enquired about what skills I felt needed more practice. My input was encouraged, and upon any errors he questioned where I thought I had gone wrong, rather than instantly telling me. I would recommend him to anyone. – Monique (Manurewa, Auckland)

Tony is a very friendly, easy going and respectable instructor. I had 5 lessons with him and they were all great (and quite cheap compared to other driving instructors). Tony made learning to drive enjoyable, his calm way of instructing made everything easier to remember and put into practice. I would definitely recommend Tony to others. I couldn't have chosen a better instructor. – Logan

I had some driving experience before I contacted Tony for driving lessons and I always thought that I'm a decent driver. But, Tony was the person who actually made me realize that my driving needed improving and I wouldn't pass my full drivers license test the way I was driving. I knew most of the rules in the "Road Code" but only in theory. Tony helped me understand those rules and apply them effectively. He told me about so many "DONTs" while driving, which I was doing before the lessons, that the awful truth (that I'm not a polished driver) beginning to dawn on me. But Tony continuously motivated me and helped in bringing up the standard. After continuous hard work and "never give up" attitude of both of us (more of Tony actually), I passed my full drivers license test. Even my testing officer said at the end of the test "I can see, you have put in the hard work". I would always recommend to everyone, whoever is going for the test, to have at least 3-5 lessons (even if you are very experienced driver), so that you know what it's gonna be like in the test and you pass with shining colors.
Thanks for the help man and giving me just another reason to be even more happy during holidays. – Santosh

He is a very good human being, very helpful, a good adviser and very friendly. I never scared with him. He has a good personality, very professional and a good judge. He always confirm appointments the night before. He learned me step by step driving, never hurry to complete the course. He has a lots of patience and he always encouraged me, because my success will be his success. He is very understanding, if I can't understand, he always speak slowly and repeat. I trust him, he is awesome. I pray to God for his healthy, happy, long life. – Dipika

Tony is a very friendly and approachable instructor. I learnt many things from him that helped me pass my restricted. He is very calm and collected, and when I made a mistake he would let me figure it out rather than telling me directly. This was a good way of learning as I was able to think for myself. He taught me the correct skills were required to be a safe driver on the road, and now because of that I feel extremely confident about driving. He made me enjoy driving and that's what I liked the most about his lessons. I would recommend him to anyone as he is able to teach in an enjoyable manner and he is very qualified. – Charithma

Tony has been amazing helping our daughter Sarah-Louise with her lessons, Tony gave regular feed back on how Sarah-Louise was going and what she needed practice on between lessons, our daughter used Tony's car to sit her restricted and was able to fit a lesson beforehand which probably helped calm the nerves. Passing with no errors. Tony is very easy to relate to and is very patient. I was invited to have a drive in the car to see the progress, I felt very involved in the whole process. I recommend Tony without any reservation. Also very affordable packages available.

Tony is awesome! At the start of my first lesson I was extremely nervous. Tony was so calm and clear it made me feel super comfortable because he knew what he was doing, and explained everything in a really great way. I was nervous about a lot of things such as roundabouts and right turns. Tony eased me into things like this and explained things very thoroughly. Now I am confindently driving in all conditions and have passed my restricted! I would reccomend Tony to anyone and everyone, I've had an awesome experience. – Dali

Both children had their lessons with Tony. He is extremely friendly, patient and approachable. I can see my kids' confidence and ability grew week to week with the support from Tony and he made them feel extremely comfortable in the car.Also because they were taught in such a good way ,this made me also very confident and comfortable taking them out for practices after each lesson. I would highly recommend Tony to all the parents with young eager drivers.Having a professional driving instructor like Tony is the best investment and assurance that you can provide for your children and yourself. – Kara

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