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At Code 1st Driving School, we offer driving lessons for people of all age groups (including seniors) and driving abilities who already have their Learners Licence. It is recommended that learner drivers have 120 hours of supervised driving practise before they apply for their restricted licence. The more driving practice you get in, the more confident driver you will become. Another thing you can do is log all the hours you drive with a supervisor, including the driving lessons you have with your driving instructor. You can print off a log form from the NZTA website, click on: Learner Drivers Log Form.

For a breakdown of the services provided at Code 1st Driving School, click on the various links under the 'Services' tab in the Top menu.

Driver Training For Beginner & Restricted Drivers Including Driver Refreshment Lessons

Driver tuition ranges from the beginner who has no driving experience to the more advanced driver who just needs a few driving lessons in preparation for their restricted or full licence test. In addition, driver refreshment lessons are available to build confidence.

  • Driver lessons for the Beginner Driver: Tony will teach you the basic driving skills in a quiet, secluded area before taking you out on the road.
  • From Learners Licence to Restricted: Tony will instruct you in the basic skills of driving toward the more advanced skills, depending upon what level of driving you are presently at. You will be assessed at your first lesson.
  • From Restricted to Full Licence: Tony will assess you and prepare you for the next step of attaining your Full Licence.
  • Driver Refreshment Lessons: Tony can give you some practical help if you need some refresher training in any aspect of your driving, e.g. parallel parking, reversing etc...
  • Door to door pick up unless prior arrangements are made.

Code 1st Driving School's Tuition Options

We offer driving tuition in both a manual car & an auto, - see our pricing.
We also have an option of tuition in your own car, though some special conditions apply:

  • Vehicle must be insured for you to drive.
  • Have current Rego,WOF or RUC.
  • Hand brake must be accessible to the instructor.
  • Your vehicle can be a sedan/hatch/lift back/small wagon - vans, utes, people movers or large wagons can be used if you feel confident in it.
  • You will be responsible for all liability when your vehicle is used.
  • The hourly rate is generously reduced when your own vehicle is used, see our pricing.

We have different package deals (at discounted rates) to fit your requirements - including seniors 65+ discounted rates, refer to pricing.
Also, Part Payment arrangements for the bundle packages can be made in 'specific circumstances'

Driving Assessments

We offer pretest assessments for those who have failed their practical driving test and are wanting some helpful advice. For assessments, it is beneficial to have the assessment a week or two prior to your test in case there are issues to address. See our pricing.
Tony is also available to carry out driver assessments for individuals (or companies) for employment reasons or legal requirements, etc. Feel free to contact him with any queries regarding a driver assessment.

Practical Driving Test Vehicle Usage

The tutor's vehicle can be used for your Restricted test, see Practical Test.

Road Code Tuition

We offer 1 hour road code tuition for those who need a little extra help with learning the road code, see Road Code Tuition

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